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What is factoring

Factoring is a financial transaction in which an exporter (assignor) assigns his credit towards his client/importer (assignee) to a third party (factor). The factor will pay in advance the assignor’s credit with or without recorse, according to the case. Usually, assigned credits foresee deferred payment from 180 up to 360 days.


Main features

  • Financing without or with recourse of deferred payment;
  • Financing on a fixed interest rate basis;
  • The debt is usually evidenced by invoices;
  • Debts instruments are typically denominated in Euro, US Dollars, Swiss Franc or British Pound.


Why factoring

  • Enhances Competitive Advantage:
    • Financing cost of the transaction can be quickly quantified.
  • Eliminates Risk:
    • In case of financing without recourse it removes political,transfer and commercial risk.
  • Improves Cash Flow:
    • Provides Financing up to 100% of deferred amount;
    • Enables exporters to receive cash payment while offering credit terms to their clients;
    • Acts as additional source of funding and hence does not have any impact on the Exporter’s borrowing limits;
    • In case of financing without recourse, removes accounts receivables from the balance sheet;
    • Relieves the Company of administration and collection burden.


Our services

We are in touch with top tier international factoring companies that, after a precise evaluation of the importer (assignee), are able to stipulate with the exporter (assignor) a specific contract for the payment with or without recourse.