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Exporters of capital goods, such as machinery and plant, are often in competition with foreign producers. Consequently, the financial offer to the customer is the key element for signing a contract. In case of short, medium and long payment terms we assist exporters from initial negotiation of a contract to final financial settlemen .


Our services

Assistance during negotiation of the contract

  • We provide indication about the Banks in the importer’s country which are accepted for discount and in case of unconfirmed L/C with deferred payment we provide confirmation issued by a Top tier Bank;
  • We update our clients about the guarantee forms in force in the exporting country;
  • According to the duration of the deferred payment and to the quality of the guarantor, we estimate the interest rate to apply to their client in order to eliminate financial costs (partially or totally) relative to the discount of the credit;
  • We check the possibility to finance without recourse, Corporate risk transactions, on case by case basis, with promissory notes or bills of exchange.


Issuing of a non recourse Discounting  Agreement

When the commercial contract is about to be signed, on request by the exporter, we issue directly or through a Top Tier Bank a non recourse discounting agreement with the financial terms and the documentation necessary for the discount without recourse of the transaction.


Assistance to collect the documents

Once the delivery is completed, we assist the exporter to check and collect the documents necessary for the discount of the transaction.


Assistance during the discount of the contract

We assist the exporter so that he can quickly receive the cash payment of the supply contract.



  • Financing without recourse of the deferred payment;
  • 100% Financing on a fixed interest rate basis;
  • Financing facilities outside the Company’s existing Banking credit lines;
  • In case of financing without recourse, removes accounts receivables, bank loans and contingent liabilities from the balance sheet;
  • Relieves the Company of administration and collection burden.