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Competition between pharmaceutical producers, specially on foreign market, makes the financial offer the key element for signing a contract.


Our services

We assist from initial negotiation of a contract to final financial settlement for discount without or with recourse of the following contracts with short and medium payment terms:

  • Letter of credit or Letter of guarantee;
  • Promissory notes or bills of exchange with Bank Aval;
  • Corporate risk transactions, on a case by case basis, with promissory notes or bills of exchange;
  • Invoices with payments terms minimum 60 days;
  • We provide confirmation on open or silent basis, issued by International Banks, for unconfirmed L/C with payment against documents.



  • Financing without recourse of the deferred payment;
  • 100% Financing on a fixed interest rate basis;
  • Financing facilities outside the Company’s existing Banking credit lines;
  • In case of financing without recourse, removes accounts receivables, bank loans and contingent liabilities from the balance sheet;
  • Relieves the Company of administration and collection burden.